Thursday, October 14, 2010

Speaking from within...


After years of silencing my own voice for fear of what the world might think, I am diving in and posting thoughts in cyberspace. And as would often happen... all thoughts now have left my brain! :)

So let's just start with some of the things I believe in:
1. Humans are capable of both truly amazing and truly horrifying actions. We have the responsibility and the power to stand up to hate, discrimination, and intolerance. We have the choice to use our lives to make the world around us better.

2. There is much to learn from all who have walked the path ahead of us and wisdom can come from the most unexpected of places. 

3. Dogs model truly unselfish love and generosity. I am lucky to have two of the most loving, funny, snorty pugs.

4. Finding the great love of my life, Lauren, was no accident; she helps me grow and has expanded my heart more than I knew possible.

5. I am grateful that my life is so deeply intertwined with my Nanny, my parents, and my sister, brother, and their families.

6. Being an auntie is such an honor and joy. I continue to be amazed by how much those wonderful souls have to teach.

7. "What you need is needing you; what you seek is seeking you" (heard this one on the radio).

8. Live and let live, follow your heart, to thine own self be true, and stand up for what you know to be right.

9. Growing is challenging, often frustrating, sometimes painful, but always worth it.

10. Be nice, speak the truth with kindness, and give love every chance you get.

11. "Life is a mysterious, unfolding adventure" (thank you Gerry) and there is magic in the world around us.

12. Enjoying the sunshine does not make it rain. It is time I enjoy my life more!

13. Darkness is only the absence of light. There is infinite love and light around and within us; we only need to look...


  1. Wow Christine! I'm inspired-way to start off a blog. I'm hooked already.

  2. Love it, your voice is one of your greatest unique gifts in my opinion, I'm glad your chosing to use it.

  3. This a beautiful post. Love you!