Friday, October 18, 2013


Transformation washes over me
As the world looks anew again and again
The freedom given by true love
Releases and unties me to a higher space.

I held on to being invisible and saw it as my weakness
I held on to feeling like no one, as if I needed to become someone
I feared my lack of memory as my own defect
I longed to fill the emptiness within through another’s greatness
And I believed that my lack of distinction from others was a sickness.

In trying so much to become seen by the world, I was resisting the calling of my own soul
To be no one in a world pushing each so desperately to become someone
As if what we already are is not the most powerful, strong, beautiful expression of existence
The illusions of this humanness disorienting and distracting
Convincing ourselves we are lost, we are alone, we are not yet enough, we must become a someone
Teaching ourselves and our children that love is something earned rather than the mystical birth rite of each soul.

To let go of those illusions is to know for a moment that we are a manifestation of oneness

The road of enlightenment is a path of forgetting and releasing
It is through embracing the emptiness, letting go of the fight to define oneself, and allowing each being to simple be as we already are.

What I see now is that which I most resisted and shamed in myself were my places of connection, evolution, and oneness.

To become one with the universe is to lose oneself
To become enlightened is to know the connection between all that is
To be in the moment is have no need of memory
The emptiness within when explored is the peace and vastness of the universal life force
So when I felt invisible, when I was no-one, when I was empty, when I was alone, I was being called home.

My humanness forever pulling me into illusions of separateness
The image of even a soul or higher self a continued illusion of the self.
My soul is the universe, it is the connection of all things, and is not mine as there is no me from which to contain or possess it.  

To live as a human is to shift between the pulls of illusion and those of knowingness.

I follow the pull, the calling, the motion moving through me, dissolving me, into the embrace of oneness.

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