Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pantsuit Nation Rising- November 8, 2016

The sun rises over Mt. Rainer as election day has finally arrived. So much rhetoric, propaganda, hate speech- far too many triggering lines shouted as victims relive horrible nightmares. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism given free reign - hate allowed to feaster and stew finally bubbling to the surface as we face a day for the first time in our history we have the power to elect a woman to the highest office in our land. 
The hatred and fear mongering has done its job- to scare and divide but an even more powerful force has risen in opposition- a nation of pantsuits!
Forums and places where people of all genders, races, backgrounds come together to not only cheer each other on and work to elect their candidate but to support, validate, and encourage one another. Their stories pour out over social media- 
A woman who lost her baby late in pregnancy kicked out of a hospital (a place supposed to protect and help her) and told to go to an abortion clinic where she must endure a FORCED ultra sound of the child she knows is already gone- prolonging a nightmare so painful there are not word to describe it. The pantsuits respond faster than the internet can sustain- "I'm so sorry for your loss", "we love you", "we are with you", "me too". The words of pantsuits all over the country rapidly filling page after page of support. 
Brave women sharing stories we know are far too common but as a society we have shamed into silence so that we might maintain our own comfort. Stories of abuse, of rape, of sexual assault- People courageously finding a cause worth breaking decades of silence for, worth typing words many have never been able to say out loud before. The pantsuit nation responses in thousands of voices "you are not alone", "we are here", "us too!"
Racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism apparently a campaign platform now - but voices emphatically declaring in response a refusal to let others define our own worth- supporting each other as a pantsuit nation rises to the call of justice, of decency, of the ideals for which this country was founded. 
Parents of children mocked in hatred for their differently abled minds and bodies- here demanding better of our country- calling on us all for more inclusion and compassion. And the pantsuit nation responds. 
Beautiful story after story erupt from this pantsuit nation - so many there are almost one hundred still waiting to post. Dying of cancer but determined to leave a mark on the world with their vote; in love with a partner some have told them they don't deserve to marry; children, parents, grandparents uniting together for a cause they believe in; women in labor refusing to bring their babies into this world until their vote is cast; stickers placed on the graves of suffragettes who risked everything so the women of this country could today have a say in their own democracy. 
A pantsuit nation rises- adorned in white in the name of brave women who have come before us, standing in power of a unity that transcends so many important social movements, supporting and uplifting each other in standing in our own power and combatting the hate that has always been there but now has been given a platform. The power of community demonstrated person after person as we declare each in our own ways, in our own voices that we matter, that we deserve respect and love and equality under the law, that our earth is worth fighting for. 
There is so much work to be done ahead- water protectors currently camped on the cold front lines of the fight demonstrating day after day the power of non-violent resistance, of doing what is right, of love in the face of hate. There is hatred and ignorance to combat, patriarchal oppressive systems to dismantle and change, humility and respect required for an environment we have treated as horribly as each other- so much work to do ahead. 
But as I watch the sunrise today, I have renewed faith. I adore my neck in the pearls of my great grandmother- who lived most of her life not being allowed to participate in this democracy, the ring of grandmother who was born two months after women gained the right to vote in the US, my white shirt honoring suffragettes and all who have stood in the face of great darkness to demand our country better uphold our ideals of equal rights for all, and of course my pantsuit. 
Watch this pantsuit nation rise! #imwithher #pantsuitnation #womenwithher #vote #pantsuitnationrising

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